comparing and Contrasting how a leader may use relative moral theories and universal moral theories


Write an essay comparing and contrasting how a leader may use relative moral theories and universal moral theories. Consider the following situation. You are a member of the university debate team. You have an upcoming competition with your most bitter rival, and the general topic has been released: relative moral theories vs. universal moral theories, which are more effective with regard to team success? Select a position for the debate. In other words, decide which of the two you believe is the more effective. The best debaters are able to present both sides of the issue while explaining why their position is correct. To that end, discuss each of the two types of moral theories, and provide evidence as to why your selected position is the correct position. [Learning Outcome 6.1] Make sure to address the following points in the essay. Give an explanation of relative moral theories. [Learning Outcome 6.1] Give an explanation of universal moral theories. [Learning Outcome 6.1] What is the impact of unethical or immoral behaviors on trust within a team? [Learning Outcome 6.2] Which type of theory would be more effective in establishing trust within a team, and why? [Learning Outcome 6.3] The essay should be a minimum of three pages and should include at least two sources

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