Compose a risk statement comprising a threat, a risk event and impact/s

You are the Lead Engineer and manager on a project in a remote region of Australia and your team has just finished installing facilities for a remote mining venture and handed them over to the new owners. It is 6pm on a Friday and your co-workers are keen to get back to their families and friends in the city which is a 14-hour drive away. Knowing the distances to be travelled and after working a full day, you want to ensure that the drivers arrive back home safely. The three-day weather forecast is for light rain and the road conditions include unsealed dirt roads for the first part of the journey then sealed country roads and highways for the rest. In addition, the four vehicles you will be driving back are the company’s Landcruisers and each carries a significant amount company equipment – including IT and radio assets.
You carry out a risk appreciation summary using the Risk Management process and include some threats that you consider to be relevant.
Compose a risk statement comprising a threat, a risk event and impact/s.
Step 1: What information and procedures do you have in place right now?
Step 2: Who would you communicate and consult with to obtain additional information?
Step 3: What is the Context?

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