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This is assignment is a brief summary of you and test your ability to use Microsoft Word. In this assignment, you will create a single Word file about you and insert a photo of yourself in the same file. This assignment requires one page with Times New Roman Font, and Font Size 12. The summary should include your goals and career choice and discuss how technology has influenced your career choice and personal life. The summary should be three paragraphs, one describing who you are, the other describing your career choice and goals, and the final paragraph should be about how technology influence or change your life. Make sure that all paragraphs are indented and that your one-page assignment is formatted properly.

(I’m an international student who study business, my career is working in a bank back home, and my goals to open a business and i will study Master degree on a (fashion design, and i will open my own business) . also technology effects my life for a better way, and its helped me with everything.

Dear writer, Make sure that you writer 3 paragraphs. and include everything that the teacher says.

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