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  1. (5 pts) Demonstrate knowledge of the concept of “life-cycle forces” by briefly (a few sentences) comparing a developmental event you experienced to one that your parents/caregivers experienced.
  2. (3 pts) You are curious about your bizarre preference for chicken-flavored ice cream. Based on research we discussed, what could be three reasons that explain this unique food preference?
  3. (2 pts) Researchers have found that parents who put a pacifier in their own mouth (to clean it off before giving it back to their infant child) may reduce the chance of their infant child developing allergies. Why would this be the case?
  4. (3 pts) You want to investigate the emotional impact of shelter-in-place orders on different age-groups of individuals. Give three reasons why you might choose a cross-sectional design over a longitudinal design.
  5. (2 pts) College professors tend to be knowledgeable about their field of study, but not particularly knowledgeable about anything else. Based on our discussions, why might this be the case?
  6. (5 pts) Using Erick Erickson’s theory of psychosocial development, briefly discuss (a few sentences) how the era in which this theory was proposed likely impacted the theory itself.
  7. (5 pts) We discussed research showing that education plays a role in determining when someone has their first child compared to when they have their first marriage. Briefly discuss (a few sentences) what you believe accounts for these effects.

There is no specific page limit, please keep your answers short and to-the-point. To maximize your grade, make sure to demonstrate knowledge of the concepts we have discussed in class. There should be NO citations or outside references, we are interested in your arguments based on the lecture and textbook material.


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