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I. Buddhism introduces concepts of “Enlightenment” and “Nirvana”. Depending on what kind of Buddhism, Indian or East Asian, these terms have slight variation in meaning, though the fundamental principles are the same. In Sanskrit, “Nirvana” literally means “snuffing out” (like a candle). Nirvan means arriving at a state where one becomes “enlightenment”. a: What does one have to snuff out (get rid of) before one can achieve enlightenment? b: Zen (Japanese) or Ch’an (Chinese) literally means to sit and meditate, with the belief that meditation leads to enlightenment. II. Read the basic Buddhist precepts of the Four Noble Truths in the document under “Documents.” Look at the map posted. Also read the introduction to the chapter. Please answer the following in no less than 500 words. 1. What are the functions of these poems in Han Shan? 2. What are the feelings expressed in these poems and how are you supposed to feel after reading them? 3. What is the meaning of Han Shan, beyond being a person or a place name? What is the meaning of the journey of climbing the mountain? 4. How do Han Shan’s poebcqms reflect the Buddhist precepts?

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