Concert review


Concert Review By now you should have made your arrangements to attend a live concert, to view a concert on television or listen to it on the radio, or to access it via the Internet. Whichever you choose, it is important that you experience the concert in its entirety and at a single sitting. Guidelines for Choosing a Concert Choose a concert that features at least some types of music you have studied up to this point. This could include anything from early music of the Middle Ages through opera or the instrumental music of the nineteenth century. Individual works need not be specific ones discussed in this course, but the concert should include the music of at least one of the composers who has been featured in this course. Take notes before, during, and after the performance as possible. Make sure you have noted the date and time and location of the concert as well as all composers and pieces of music featured. If you have chosen something offered over the Internet, save the URL so that you can provide it to your mentor. A concert program, if you attend a live program, will provide a good references as you write your review. Important Elements of Your Review One purpose of this review is for you to demonstrate that you can apply ideas and terminology from this course to an actual concert presentation. The second purpose is for you to share your impressions of the concert experience. Be sure your review includes both these aspects. Provide precise information about the date, time of day, and location of the concert as well as the performers (the orchestra, opera company, chamber ensemble, soloist, etc.); musical genres/forms and styles presented; and names of the individual compositions performed. For a concert transmitted over the Internet, provide a URL and the date and time you viewed it. As soon as possible after the concert, expand your notes into a first draft of a review. This will help you capture your impressions most accurately. You should discuss aspects of the performance itself in addition to the music: dynamics, tempo, the quality of the performers, and so on. Your review should be 750 to 800(3 pages, double-spaced). You may want to read a few reviews of concerts in news sources. While your review will not be exactly like this, such a review may give you some ideas for content or structure.

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