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1. Consider the historical and current perspectives of psychology that you have read about in Chapter 1. In our book this week we learn the historical perspectives of psychology include: Structuralism, Functionalism, Gestalt. We also learn the current perspectives in psychology which include: Neuroscience, Psychodynamic, Behavioral, Cognitive, Humanistic. In reviewing the different perspectives: Explain how one current perspective explains why you are enrolled in college today, and why you will be successful in achieving your educational goals.

2. “Is Facebook the new Student Union?” Consider the impact of social networking on our group behavior and review the factors of attraction on page 547. Before beginning this week’s discussions, watch this Ted Talk on the impact of technology on how we interact with others:…

What did you learn from the video that best explains how technology (social media, cell phones, texting, emailing, etc) has been influenced by one of the factors of attraction? For example, how does similarity, attraction, proximity or mere exposure explain who we “friend” or “like” on social media sites? How does this differ from whom we interact with on a regular basis?

3. This week we learn several developmental theories, specifically Vygotsky, Piaget and Erikson. Share an example from your adolescence that demonstrates how you met the challenges in Erikson’s theory in the identify vs. role confusion or the intimacy vs. the isolation stage. If you prefer not to share anything personal about your life, you can share an example from a friend or neighbor without providing their real name.

4. This week is all about learning and memory! Let’s put the two together and see how we can improve our memory for important things we are learning. In this week’s discussion, first review the research presented in our book on “ways to improve your memory”. Then watch this short TED Talk on working memory. How can you use the research presented in our book and the information on working memory to help you improve what you learn in your college courses?…

5. It is important to note you will need 10-20 minutes of alone/quiet time for this discussion. After you have meditated share your experience with us. You can share what your mantra word is, you can tell us how you felt after the session was over. Were you more relaxed, did your heart rate lower? Were you more focused and calm? You can even discuss how easy or difficult it was to find the 20 minutes to just focus on you. How can this help you manage your life and reduce stress?…

6. Assume you have been asked to choose a form of psychotherapy to help John or someone like him to overcome depression. What method would recommend, and why? Be as detailed as possible and tell us what the sessions will look like.

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