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In January 2020, the Arizona Department of Health Services confirmed that “a member of Arizona State University community” has been diagnosed with the coronavirus, a deadly disease that has prompted China to issue a travel ban to over 35 million people. From the course readings and your own intellectual exploration (i.e., a combination of critical thinking, literature searches, media searches, etc.), identify news and information about the ASU coronavirus epidemic. From the text you have read for this course and any reliable outside sources you wish to incorporate, consider the ethical questions that relate to disease prevention. Synthesize the above information and present answers to the following two questions. Please plan to use approximately 1.5 to 2 pages (single spaced) to answer the questions. Be sure to appropriately cite throughout, using APA style for citations. What ethical questions arise in the prevention of spread of both the illness itself and epidemic-related hysteria? In what ways, if any, should prevention specialists integrate mental health principles into responses relevant to the Coronavirus? Here is a relevant, recent article to get you started:

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