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REVISION: There is no technical anaysis and few grammatical mistakes. Also there are no tables showing any data. This is a case study and technical analysis and showing the numbers is a must. A recommended (but not required) way of organizing your written report is to divide your report into six parts, as follows:1. Executive Summary: The executive summary should be one page. The summary should concentrate on the statement of the problem and your recommendations, not on the process used to reach your conclusions. The executive summary should stand on its own and be designed to provide a concise briefing to a busy executive.2. Summary of facts: Present a very brief summary of important facts. Omit nonessential facts that do not affect your analysis of the problem. Keep in mind that the intended audience probably also works for the company and is familiar with the basic facts of the case.3. Statement of Problem: State the problem or problems that you intend to analyze and that you feel are the most important issues in the case. Attempt to state the problem in one or two short sentences. The ability to state a problem concisely and clearly is an extremely valuable skill. Practice now!4. Analysis: Present your analysis or discussion in a rough outline form using complete sentences, or short paragraphs. (This allows more information and ideas to be presented in a smaller amount of space.) Use headings, spacing, indentations, and other techniques to organize and invite attention to the important points in your analysis. Each of the exhibits attached to the case should be referenced within the discussion section.This section of the report is where you use logic, judgment, and your problem-solving ability to support your recommendations. The strengths and weaknesses of the alternative courses of action should be developed in this section. Support your ideas with carefully developed financial data. Remember this is a finance course – use the principles of finance you have learned in your other courses to help reach a decision. Your analysis should be organized and written in such a way that a reader will be led directly to your recommendations at the end of the case.5. Recommendations: This section should also be very brief. A solution must be given to the problem or problems you raised above.6. Exhibits and Tables: These should appear at the end of your report in an easily readable form. Make sure all exhibits are clearly explained and referenced in the text of the report and be sure the exhibits are clearly labeled, titled, and numbered. (For example: a forecast of future cash flows that you have developed). It should be very clear how you developed the data in any table or exhibit. You should use footnotes to explain to the reader exactly how the numbers in the table were calculated. Make sure every variable is clearly labeled. Each table or figure should have a caption with a brief explanation of the table’s or figure’s contents.When you prepare your individual or group report, observe the following:The report must not exceed a length of five double-spaced pages (the executive summary and charts, tables and exhibits do not count toward the five-page limit). A rough guide for the five pages is as follows: Summary of Facts and the Statement of the Problem combined should not exceed one page; Analysis should be about 3 to 3 ½ pages in length, and the Recommendations should be about ½ page in length. These are only rough guidelines – each case will be different.

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