Corporate sustainability strategy


1. What is a corporate sustainability strategy and have your senior leaders provided one for your organization?


13 Key Leadership Characteristics

1. Confident 7. Nurturing to others

2. intuitive, creative, and visionary 8. Determined to win and win together

3. Provocative 9. Spiritual with strong values

4. Good at Listening 10. Tenacious

5. Genuine and trusted 11. Possessing a high level of urgency

6. Courageous 12. Pragmatic and disciplined in approach

13. Humble

2. Which of the 13 characteristics do you believe you are in need of developing to a greater extent, and why? And, if it is important enough to you, what will you actually do so that in 12-months from today, you are actually better in that area


3. Does your organization have a formal employee succession plan to identify and develop talented employees as part of its corporate sustainability program?

And, do you have your own set plan to develop your career or do you just wing-it hoping for the best?


1 Question per page/ references required for each question


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