Correctional History


Unit II ScholarlyActivity For this scholarly activity, you will explore correctional history in more depth. You will think about how correctional history has impacted our current correctional system. You must include the items listed below. Include key movements in correctional history, found in the unit and your textbook reading. Outline what they were, what the focus was, and how they were either successful or not successful. Each movement should be at least one paragraph, but you may find some sections to be a bit longer. Include how the history of corrections has shaped our current correctional system. You will look at the key time frames and elements and, in your research, find ways that you see these being used today. This is your chance to show what you learned! This section should be about a page. Be sure to give some thought to what did and did not work in the early years of corrections. Your assignment should focus on the following items listed below. Keep in mind the overall history. Summarize, analyze, and compare key parts of the correctional system. Pay attention to the timeline provided in your textbook. In your conclusion, provide your thoughts, and tie it all together in what today’s correctional system looks like to you, so far, based on this course. The scholarly activity must be at least three pages in length. You must include a cover page and reference page which do not count toward the minimum page requirement listed. You must include one other source besides the textbook from an academic source. The Waldorf Online Library provides many academic source options. Adhere to APA Style when constructing this assignment, including a title page, and in-text citations and references for all sources that are use

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