Course Project: Part 2


Course Project: Part 2 As aforementioned, the course project will focus on the impact and relevance of behavioral neuroscience in the field of psychology as a whole. For Part 2 of the course project, you will develop a second PowerPoint presentation to accompany the one produced in Unit II. What is the importance of sleep? How does the function of sleep impact our bodies? How does an understanding of these processes advance behavioral neuroscience? In other words, connect the function of sleep to behavioral neuroscience in this PowerPoint presentation. (Note: Behavioral neuroscience focuses on biological reasons for human behavior.) Produce at least eight slides that detail selected research to support your position. Be sure to include one media slide, which will contain any charts, graphs, and/or images that you have created. The media slide will be included in the eightslide minimum. Please do not merely insert media from the Internet; the media must be original. Format your PowerPoint using APA style. Use your own words, and include citations and references as needed to avoid plagiarism. Finally, you must include a title slide and a reference slide, which will not count toward the eight-slide minimum requirement.

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