Create A List of Main Ideas.

1. I want 5 to 9 minutes PowerPoint Presentation (PPT) file with some photos and short points and complete points in written report.

2. 4 pages of written report, I do not want introduction and conclusion and I want body only.

In the hospitality industry, the quality of customer services and staff responsiveness has a direct impact on the image and reputation as well as on Bottomline. This is a fast-paced industry where opportunities are plenty to grow. However, the industry is facing a great challenge to manage their human resources due to the changes happening globally. Please do some research on the internet and read about the Challenges, Trends and Opportunities on Tourism Human Resource Management.

Your report will cover: Tourism Human Resource Management: Trends and Opportunities.

Please provide the references of the sources you are using to write this report. (I have added the following resources for you to study.) However, your research should not be limited to these references only.

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