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APA format

You will decide on a project based on your current or previous work experience. You may also search for project case studies to determine a project, but you should have knowledge of the project’s objective. (My selection – home based child care, A Child’s laugh learning center, creating and beginning operations of a home based child care center for 6 children ages 1-3)

Using the provided template, See BELOW, prepare this document’s Introduction section. For this assignment, you are responsible for the following information:

  • Discuss the justification for the project and how it relates to the strategic plan of the organization.
  • Identify the stakeholders for the project, including the project sponsor, who will sign the project charter.

Use the sixth edition of the APA Manual as your standard for all referencing. Because this is to be a usable project management plan, it is suggested that you use parenthetical citations throughout the document.


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