Creating and presenting a PowerPoint (PPT) presentation

NSG470 Course Project

You will be creating and presenting a PowerPoint (PPT) presentation for this project. The components of the project are broken up into five parts; please refer to each part for specific guidelines. You DO NOT need to submit each part to Moodle. This is an independent self-paced project that will be submitted to Moodle and presented in week 9 of the course.
Make sure in your final presentation you address each assigned element. This project is worth 200 points and 20% of your assignment grade.
Presentations include key concepts of the proposal with an introduction and conclusion. Note pages should accompany the presentation with appropriate in-text citations. In-text citations are not necessary for the presentation but are expected in the notes. References at the end of the presentation in APA format are expected.
In order to complete this project, you should only utilize reliable and SCHOLARLY nursing references, such as nursing textbooks, ATI textbooks, scholarly nursing publications, and scholarly websites (end in .org, .edu, or .gov).

Part I

• Create a healthcare organization (hospital, outpatient center, home health care agency, specialty service center, telehealth agency, etc.). Provide a summary of the organization, including name, type of facility, location of the facility, and purpose/population. (10 points)
• Develop a mission and vision for your organization. (10 points)
• Identify/create an organizational structure (create an organization chart). Include what type of nursing staff will be employed. (10 points)
• Develop or adapt a nursing practice model/philosophy of nursing statement. Include a description and visual aid. (10 points)
Reminder to include your group’s purpose statement, culture statement on the presentation.

Part II

• Identify 2-4 methods that are used to communicate general information with all staff. Provide a rationale for each in the notes section of the PP. (10 points)
The nursing team in your area has identified a problem/concern that should be addressed. (your team selects the problem/ concern, which must be approved by the instructor).
• Describe the nursing-related problem or concern (i.e. schedule, process, equipment, therapy, etc.) and how the problem or concern is affecting the healthcare organization. (10 points)
• Define the stakeholders who are affected by the problem or concern. Describe their roles? (10 points)
• Describe what will correct the problem or concern. (10 points)
• Provide evidence that the desired solution will correct the problem. (10 points)

Part III

• Choose one of the change management models to serve as the framework for this assessment. Describe the change model. (10 points)
• Provide rationale for choosing it for this change management model. (10 Points).
• Identify each aspect of the chosen change model and how each step will be addressed for the proposed change. (20 points)
• Identify 2-4 methods to communicate the change process with the nursing staff. Provide a rationale for each in the notes section of the PP. (10 points)

Part IV

• Identify who are the change agents for the organization and describe the role of the change agent(s). (10 points)
• Identify potential or real challenges/barriers of the change process, and what you would recommend to mitigate the barriers? (10 points)
• Identify drivers/facilitators of the change process, and what you recommend to encourage the facilitators? (10 points)
• Describe how the team will evaluate change effectiveness. When will evaluation happen? (10 points)

Part V

• Describe the professional ANA or specialty standards used to mitigate the change process. (10 points)
• Describe at least two (2) QSEN competencies using at least two (2) KSA’s for each competency that this change addresses or employs to support the change. (10 points)
• The core team is up for the final evaluation of their involvement in the change process. Identify an appropriate performance appraisal method and a tool to use. Provide a description and visual aid. (10 points)

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