Criminal Justice Reading

Please complete the reading assignment in Times New Roman 12pt font. Double spaced. . I will have a series of similar assignments.

Define the following key terms.



Dependent variableReplication


Independent variableVariable

HypothesisInterest Convergence


Null hypothesisOperational definition


Answer the following research questions.

Identify a social problem that you feel ought to be addressed and solved.What are the variables represented in your description of the problem? Which of those variables would you monitor in determining whether the problem was solved?
How might social research be useful to such professionals as physicians, attorneys, business executives, police officers, and newspaper reporters?
Select a social problem that concerns you, such as war, pollution, overpopulation, prejudice, or poverty.Then use one of the paradigms in this chapter to address that problem.What would be the main variables involved in the study of that problem, including variables that may cause it or hold the key to its solution?
What, in your own words, is the difference between a paradigm and a theory?


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