Critical assessment of McDonalds corporate social responsibility report

Ground your answer in relevant theory
Plagiarism and reproduction of someone else’s work as your own will be penalized
Make use of references, where appropriate: Use the HARVARD REFERENCING SYSTEM
WHEIGHT: 50% towards the final grade
Passing grade: 60
Part A
Proceed to a critical assessment of the Corporate Social Responsibility Report of McDonalds. In you
analysis, you should critically examine the<a href=””> ethical</a> <a href=””>environment</a> in which McDonalds operates and
consider the impact this has upon its business behaviour and performance. Select the latest CSR report
of McDonalds online here:
.Also, the Annual Reports of McDonalds can be found here:
(Word Limit: 1500. Weight: 50%)
Part B
As Sally Bibb suggests, as a manager you have a double role. The first is to ensure that you behave
ethically yourself (‘bosses have more influence that they often realize in shaping others’ behavior as
people tend to consciously or unconsciously copy the boss’). The other role is that managers are
responsible for making for making sure that those they manage do the right thing too. One way,
moreover, to achieve that those they manage do the right thing, is through developing and introducing
to employees a Code of Conduct (for more on Code of Conduct see Topic 1). In the same line of thought,
this part of the assignment requires you to assume the role of a manager and develop a Code of
Conduct for an organization of your Choice. This Organization may be a company you worked for in the
past, or even the institution to which you are studying. In developing your Code of Conduct, you should
demonstrate a critical awareness of real ethical issues that modern work places face.
(Word Limit: 1500. Weight: 50%)


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