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There are 4 questions and you are required to answer the first 2 questions. All questions carry equal marks (25 marks). Questions are real world nursing scenarios and more marks will be allocated to your ability to think critically and apply theory to practice.   A maximum of one and half page per Question is expected. This means, you have to be succinct with your answers. Each question should not take more than one and half page of an A4 paper—using Times New Roman size 12 or Arial size 11 with a 1.5 spacing.  You can use resources such as books, journal articles and relevant credible websites but they must be referenced appropriately as per APA 7th edition. A minimum of 2 citations per question is expected (Peer reviewed journal article – 5 years old; Books = 10 years). Your honesty and integrity as a future registered nurse is encouraged. Please gather all resources (books, journal articles, credible websites etc) to support your critical thinking and application of theory to your practice in children and young people’s settings. The unit learning outcomes and the lecture/tutorial topics can be a good guide on what to study and the resources to gather. In this assessment, you will be assessed to demonstrate all the six learning outcomes of the unit. More marks will be allocated to critical reasoning and thinking through the application of nursing skills and knowledge.

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