Critical Thinking-memory and health Assignments Get Homework Help

Please choose ONE questions from those listed below and compose an essay of at least five paragraphs.  Spend time planning out and organizing your points. Also make sure you save yourself enough time to proofread before submitting.  Be specific and detailed. Please also use a title.   Your essay should refer to specific parts of our readings. You may also use personal experience for some of your evidence.   Your essay should have at least two quotes  (hopefully more) taken from the essays assigned so far in the class.  Please do not use any other outside sources.    **Annie Dillard writes, “The work’s unity is more important than anything else about it” (xv). Write an essay that proves this statement by using one or two other essays we’ve read for class. Choose a work that you think exemplify a focused, unified essay.   **Write an essay that agrees or disagrees with Annie Dillard’s statement on page xiv, “Give hardback fiction and poetry as gifts to everyone. No shirt or sweater ever changed a life.” Do you think any one of the essays we’ve read can “change a life”? Give examples.   **Brian Doyle in “Being Brians” complains about the inadequacy of an obituary notice. He writes, “It doesn’t say who or how he loved. It doesn’t report the color of his eyes. It doesn’t show the shape of his ambition, the tenor of his mind, the color of his sadness, the bark of his laugh” (171). In your essay, show how an essay can go beyond an obituary notice by using the power of words to described vivid details. Use one or two of the essays we’ve read so far this semester, and show that those authors are able to convey “the color of … sadness, the bark of … laught(er)” or even the “tenor” of someone’s mind.     **Write an essay that shows the connection between memory and health by using Gerald Callahan’s essay, “Chimera” for some of your examples.

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