Crowdsourcing in Software Development Discussion Assignments Cheap Essay Help

1.) What evidence can you provide to illustrate why crowdsourcing is able to reduce system development costs?

Limit your response to 200 words.

2.) Reply to another student’s post answering the following question:

What are the challenges with crowdsourcing and identify how they relate to the example provided?

Be sure you are replying to someone that doesn’t already have a reply. You should be the first. Please limit your reply to 200 words.

reply to Jennifer:

When we talk about Crowdsourcing we are talking about a system that helps companies to carry out specific tasks / actions. This is one of the best practices for developing business ideas where you can outsource jobs that would touch employees, leaving you in charge of a group of people or community. An example of a company that uses this system was “Budweiser”. The brewery launched a new beer thanks to the help of more than 25,000 fans. The Black Crown beer from this brewery was the result of a contest in the U.S. where 12 Budweiser breweries were tested by more than 25,000 fans in the country and thanks to the feedback they provided, it was possible to choose Black Crown. What I like most about this type of system is the interaction that can be had with customers, taking directly into account what consumers prefer or what they don’t like, giving companies an advantage in order to take leadership in the market . It can also be taken as an advertising campaign; thanks to the dissemination of the activities that are carried out, customers are more widely reached and they indirectly promote the product or service that they want to implement. The best is all the money and time that companies save thanks to Crowdsourcing.

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