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Case: Jharna Software: The Move to Agile Methods, Minyi Huang and Indranil Bose, University of Hong Kong (HKU613).

Key elements:

Software development practices adopted in offshore locations

Feasibility of agile development in offshore locations

Submission instructions:

Submit a single document (PDF or MS Word) with answers to the questions below

Number each answer to match the question number

Each question should be answered separately. There may be overlap in some of your answers, but each question is asked from a different angle and needs to be answered individually.

Include at least 5 quality references from reputable sources. Use APA citation formatting, with either footnotes or a reference section at the end of the paper.


1.Why are Jharna’s financial services clients becoming increasingly demanding at the time of the case (2006)? How would adoption of agile address these issues?

2.At the time of the case (2006), how would adopting agile help Jharna become more competitive vs. other offshore software development firms?

3.The case describes Jharna’s current software development organization and work processes. What changes would you recommend for Jharna to make a successful transition to agile?

4.Does offshore outsourcing favor traditional or agile project management? Explain your answer.

5.What problems do clients face when working with offshore software development firms like Jharna who adopt agile? What could be done to address these problems?

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