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Minority and youth culture.

My professor asked for a topic proposal earlier in the semester! This is what I proposed

The primary topic for my final research paper will be the representation of Asian minority cultures and youth culture in anime and manga books. The two class themes that I have chosen is the minority and youth culture. I feel like it will be fascinating to see these representations in something that is very popular in Asia but mainly Japan. My argumentative thesis will be that youth culture is illustrated more than minority culture in anime and manga because of microaggressions, racism, and other representations in Asian popular culture.

The professor instructions are in the attached materials. If you have any questions about the topic or instructions please reach out to me!


Purpose: Throughout the semester we have touched on various key topics within Asia, though we have not been able to study these topics in-depth within each Asian country.The primary purpose of this assignment is to allow you to explore a topic and/or country(ies) in more critical detail.  Over the course of your college careers, you will be asked to synthesize what you have learned in a class with external material in order to produce research projects. These research projects demonstrate that you have not only learned about the content of the course but also acquired an understanding of the skills taught in the course, as well as how to apply those skills to new and different material.This two-part project requires you to create a research paper on a topic of your choosing and to integrate in-class topics in a critical manner.


Skills: The purpose of this assignment is to help you practice the following skills that are essential to your success in this course, in your undergraduate years, and in your careers:

  • How to find and utilize academic resources
  • How to integrate course knowledge into a research paper


  • Broaden your knowledge of the Asian region
  • Apply ideas and concepts learned in class

The final paper will be 2000 – 2500 words maximum (10 pages maximum, not including works cited) (double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman) and MUST:

  • engage with at least TWO class themes (ex. Neoliberalism, Orientalism, minority cultures, etc.)
  • Cite at least FIVE academic sources AND include a works cited page

Task: You will choose a topic and/or country that most interests you (which you might wish to study more in depth) and write a research paper, making an argument about the topic.

  • Select a topic and/or country which interests you and research how it relates to at least two class themes (ex. Nationalism, sexual cultures, minority cultures, etc.)
  • From your research, develop an argument about the topic and the themes (from step one)
  • Use academic evidence to develop and support your argument

Criteria: You will be graded on the following:

  • An argumentative, clear and concise thesis.
  • An apparent and understandable structure.
  • Careful and precise use of evidence to support argument points and the thesis overall.
  • The logical flow of ideas and a carefullyconstructed argument that makes points rather thansummarized plot.
  • Clearly organized language, characterized by careful and conscious word usage, proper

punctuation, sentence structure and grammar.

The sources can include:

  • Academic book or article
  • News article (from a reliable source; if you have questions about the source, please talk with me)
  • Media report (again, from a reliable source); this DOES NOT include a YouTube series by random gaijin (foreigners), so NO LOGAN PAUL, CHRIS BRAUN, ETC.

Places to Begin (other than KSU Library)

Asia Society:

East-West Center:

National Diet Library:

Modern Chinese Literature and Culture Resource Center:

Academy of Korean Studies:

Japan Focus:

Good Asia Related Journals can be found here:


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