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Read instructions carefully.

Learning Activity #4: Multicultural Discussion

  • Read the short article titled Multicultural Counseling.
  • Prepare to engage in discussion concerning the following points.
    • Give a biblical perspective on multiculturalism.
    • Describe a multicultural approach and explain why it is so significant in today’s society.
  • Describe your own multicultural experiences be they in your neighborhood, school, at work, etc.
  • How have they affected your outlook to others from different cultures, races, ethnicities, etc.?
  • How could you apply what you have learned in a counseling context?

Learning Activity #5: Integrationist Discussion

  • Read Christian writer John Shepard’s article titled Integrating Psychology and Christianity.
  • Prepare to engage in discussion Shepard’s article, analyzing his position as to an “Integrated Christian Psychology.” Address the following points.
  • Do you see the value of an integrated approach to Christian counseling?
  • Explain your reasoning for your position.
  • Explain what it means to integrate a biblical worldview to counseling. What does this look like in a session?
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