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Question: You really like the concept of web-based computing and want to use as many web-based programs as possible. Write a brief paragraph discussing the programs you would use for productivity, file storage, collaboration, and communication. What are the benefits and drawbacks of each choice?


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In web-based computing, the databases and programs that the user interacts with are not stored locally and therefore have to be accessed over the network. Since this material is stored in other remote servers or in the cloud. According to Miller, (2008), there are various programs that can be used for productivity. Such include the various web browsers available such include Google Chrome, Firefox Mozilla, Opera, and the Microsoft age or Internet Explorer for the Windows users. Google Chrome particularly is appropriate because it can be installed in different devices ranging from smartphones, tablets, and computers that run a variety of operating systems. It can huddle a lot of traffic without causing overloads since the user can open as many tabs as they wish to. Chrome is fast and reliable and always Google provides its free update regularly to cope with the fast-growing technology. Unfortunately, Google Chrome does not allow other applications to run on it and therefore this is a major drawback. If one is using Google Chrome to the web-based computing, it is advisable to also store the data in the Google Drive. The services are free as long as the policies are followed. Google drive also provides much compatibility with the Google Chrome since they belong to the same company. It is also important to note that Google drive has a limited capacity and therefore one will have to pay to have more storage capacity.

Anyone with a Google account can use it for various including storage of documents and sharing of books and even selling them. This is a good program that anyone using web-based computing can use to do a collaboration. This account lack some capabilities that a user may wish to have. In addition, there are several programs and applications available for communication. According to Baset and Schulzrinne, (2004) Skype is one of the best because it is free to use, it provides video conferencing and is very reliable in its connectivity and security. Therefore anyone working on the web-based computing would really benefit from using Skype for the communication purposes. The security of the communication is never guaranteed because since it is a free service there are no contracts signed to guarantee such security.


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1. Program for productivity

The best program that can be used for productivity is Airtable. This application is mainly used to track the progress of the project that a company or organization is undertaking. It also shows the amount of work that is due and the phases that the project will be completed in. Airtable is a good organization tool (Business, 2018).

2. Program for file storage

The appropriate program for storage is the Google drive application. This application uses cloud computing to help its clients store data. This is managed by Google and it gives clients up to 15 GB free for them to use to store data such as word documents, PowerPoint presentations, spread sheets and other forms of data. It also offers storage to companies of up to 30 terabytes at an affordable price. Google drive application is the preferred option since data is secure, easy to retrieve and the cloud spaces are cost effective (Google, 2017 ).

3. Program for collaboration

Collaboration software is enables people who are working simultaneously on a given concept to share information across themselves. For this one needs a program that can accommodate bulky data and a lot of people who are working on the software simultaneously and thus Workplace by Facebook will be a suitable collaborative program for the company (Thomas, 2016).

4. Program for communication

Communication is one of the essential tools of any organization. Communication is needed for the success of the company’s activities. It is important for one to adopt strong programs that can be used in communication such as the Skype for business. This is an application that enables people in a company to communicate by offering services such as video conferencing, communication with clients through activities such as Skype, instant and cloud messaging and collecting feedback from clients among other services (Gurndeep, 2014).


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