Current Event Assignment

For this assignment, you will find a current article about an event/issue that is in the news. Your best source for these articles is (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..

The article must relate to a concept we have discussed in the class up through Ch. 3 only.

To earn full credit, follow these instructions:

Write 2-3 pages about the event and how it specifically relates to the course
Write 1/2 page maximum summarizing the article
In the remaining 1.5 pages, demonstrate your understanding of how the event connects to the course
Use theories and vocabulary found in the textbook
Discuss controversies about your chosen topic (if applicable)
Explore new research in the discipline (if applicable)
Provide a reference page
Full APA entry for the textbook (it’s on my syllabus!)
Full APA entry for your article (however, you do not need to attach the article)
Use in-text citations for the textbook and format them according to APA guidelines. Every single sentence that is not your own idea must have a citation at the end! You do not need to use citations for your article, but do NOT plagiarize. Please refer to the plagiarism tutorial in Module 0 if you are unfamiliar with how to do this.
Avoid informal language. Use an academic, formal tone.
Use direct quotes very sparingly. It is best to paraphrase more often and cite the source properly using APA formatted in-text citations.
Use the abbreviated APA paper template in this Module
I always grade papers using the following breakdown – 60% content, 20% organization/style, 20% grammar/mechanics/APA.

Enjoy the assignment!


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