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Assuming you were able to access the Gartner site and the Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies 2016 article ( what emerging technologies listed (there are dozens listed) 1) surprise you? as in, you didn’t realize that was an emerging technology 2) disturb you? as in, “wow, that’s gonna lead to Skynet” 3) excite you? as in, “wow! my life would be so much better!” 4) do nothing for you? as in, if it even comes to fruition it’s not at all useful, in business, or otherwise. Answer for all fourcategories. Make sure you knit all these topics together into a graceful article-like object that is pleasurable to read. You can use other Gartner articles or worthy* Internet-based resources to develop your response.

APA format, cite all references, 350words and above

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