Data Science & Big Data Analytics


Given below are some of the research topics. Please pick up a topic for this research paper in an area that you are competent and comfortable with. • Sensor technology for smart human-care services by applying Big Data techniques • Implementation of Deep learning techniques for Sensor Technology in IoT • IoT systems analysis, modeling, and simulation using Big Data • IoT technologies and applications in eHealth using Data Mining • Data and knowledge mining for smart human-care services through sensors • IoT solutions for well-being and active aging using Data Mining techniques • Energy-efficient IoT Big Data acquisition techniques • Privacy and security related to IoT and Big Data • IoT and Big Data analytics on energy-constrained platforms • Optimization, control, and automation of sensor-based IoT applications using Data Mining • IoT and Big Data programming model • Architecture and protocols for IoT and Big Data • Emerging sensor-based, hardware architectures for IoT and Big Data • Smart cities and systems using Big Data • IoT Big Data storage and processing techniques • Fault-tolerant and redundant systems for IoT by applying Data Mining • IoT based on various types of sensors. RUBRICS – Research Paper 1. quality submissions 2. Your ideas & your own words 3. Provide all the citations Total points = 100 Research Paper: 2-3 pages + cover page + citations APA and Capstone Format 25.0 pts Current APA formats should be followed. Topic 25.0 pts There should be one clear, well-focused on the topic.. Quality of Information 25.0 pts References are primarily peer reviewed professional journals or other approved sources. The reader is confident that the information and ideas can be trusted. Support of Ideas/Critical Analysis 15 pts Excellent, appropriate conclusions. Conclusions 10 pts The conclusion(s) reached were correct and supported research.

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