Deakin Business School Enterprise Risk Management Assignments | Custom Homework Help

Prepare an individual essay or report of approximately 2500 words addressing the questions detailed below:

1. What are the emerging strategic issues and key ERM challenges at MelRail?

2. Suggest the elements that MelRail needs to include for an effective ERM strategy?

3. Why is culture so crucial to ERM? Comment on the culture at MelRail.

4. Why is leadership so important to ERM? Discuss Management’s (leadership) approach to Governance, Compliance,

and Regulatory change at MelRail.

5. In your opinion, does MelRail have effective communications in terms of systems and complaints monitoring?

6. Identify three types of potential risks that MelRail may face. Briefly explain each of them

There is a case study given by them, these questions are based from the case study. Rubric should be followed accordingly.


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