Describe what aspect you will be covering in your part of presentation.

10 points for recording and uploading speech. 10 points for orally citing one source in speech and speech length at least one minute. See the the attached rubric for grading.

You can earn 5 pts. extra credit by posting link to group discussion to share with others in your team.

Record and upload 1-2 minute speech covering the following:

State the topic of the group presentation.
Describe what aspect you will be covering in your part of presentation.
Cite orally one source that you will be using as part of your part presentation. An oral citation needs to include author, title, and publication. Follow guidelines about orally citing sources (Links to an external site.) from College of Southern Nevada.
If you have questions about topic, please post in your group discussion so that I can assist.

Follow instructions for recording and uploading speech using Google Drive. Once you have uploaded speech on Google, you can get shared link that you submit here for this assignment.

To submit your video assignment, click the blue “submit assignment” button at the top of this page. Provide the shared link from Google (just copy and paste)

recording and uploading speech

Upload Speech to Shared Google Drive
Create a Google account or use existing one (click here for instructions (Links to an external site.) how to sign up for Google account. Sign in to account and you are ready for next step.
Once you are signed into your Google account, you can access the Google Drive App (click here to access (Links to an external site.)) that is provided as part of your free Google account.
Now you are ready to upload your prerecorded speech to your Google Drive.
Locate video on your device and upload to Google drive (Links to an external site.).
Note: On desktop or laptop you can copy file to the folder on the Google drive. On mobile devices or tablets, you need to install Google Drive. View this video (Links to an external site.) that shows how to upload using phone or tablet device.
Now you have the video uploaded and can share a link with instructor to view the video. Locate video and click on “Share” get link by copying it. Make sure to set the preference to “Anyone on the internet with this link can view.”
Submit the link in the assignment on Canvas.
Congratulations, you are now able to share video presentations with your instructor.
what aspects of family communication do you want to cover ?

please choose simple words (english my second language )

one of my group memper will cover the sibling relationship

and the other one will cover cycle of abuse /substance >>>> so dont choose these


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