Describe your application’s purpose of storing information on the serve

Part A: Identify an application that relies on server-side storage for its functionality. Analyze the data storage capabilities of that application. Describe your application’s purpose of storing information on the server. (If it is not apparent where the application stores its data, make an assumption.) Identify the technology that is employed to provide server-side storage functionality.

Part B: In response to your peers, discuss any changes to the design of the storage that could improve the application. Are there issues around privacy or integrity of data that could be a potential issue? Are there performance issues around relying on server-side storage? Provide solid reasoning.

Peer 1 post: An application that uses server-side storage is the Amazon app. This app uses several different kinds of server-side databases. They use one database to keep track of the items that they sell. The next database they use is the different retailers that sell the different items available to the user. Another server-side database is used to show the user what other products other people have bought in addition to or besides what the user is currently looking at. However, there is a shared preferences file that holds only your username and password so that when you return to the application you are automatically signed into Then there are more databases, also known as the user preferences, that match the username and kept on a server-side database. The list of databases that Amazon keeps track of goes on forever and these are just some of the server-side database that are available to the user when they start up the application from a phone or tablet. Cause there are so many database to keep track of they use what is known as a Cloud database.

Peer 2 post: The app I would like to discuss this week is Google Photos. This app backs up all of my photos via cloud based server, which allows me to free up hard drive space on my phone, and accessibility across devices. The application also provides an assistant which organizes photos by location, dates, events, recognized faces; as well as creating collages, anniversaries, and memory reels.

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