Design Project Part 2: Creating a Play’s Look & Sound


You will be creating the inspirational looks and sound of a play as it relates to the director’s concept and the play’s theme. You will find a story of your choice. You will identify the play’s theme and discuss how it relates to the director’s concept. Select a story (real or fictional) of your choice. You may use the story you created for the Mini-Project #1: Playwriting Outline assignment Your story CANNOT have already been made into a performance piece (no plays, films, TV shows, cartoons, web series, operas, ballets, etc.) REQUIRED ELEMENTS Paragraph 1 PLOT: Write 200 words on the basic plot of your play. Paragraph 2 THEME: Write 200 words on one of the major themes you found in the play. You must include examples from the play to support your choice of theme — how does the play’s story lead to the theme? Describe the major message or meaning the audience should come away with after watch the play. (If you need a refresher on theme, review Playwright module.) Paragraph 3 CONCEPT: Write 200 words on a concept a director might discover from the theme you chose. Remember, the concept should in some way be inspired by the play’s theme. (If you need a refresher on concept, review Director module.) Insert Scenic Images: Create a collage of a minimum of five (5) images inserted into the assignment that would inspire the scenic design. The images do not need to be specific to the play. This collage of images should be metaphorical – how do the images you chose examine the concept and theme? What is the mood, atmosphere or feeling you want the audience to have? The images should stimulate and inspire ideas around the concept. Paragraph 4 SCENIC: Write 200 words on why you selected your five images and how the concept is expressed by those images. Explain how the images exemplify the concept’s mood or atmosphere or feeling. Insert Costume Images: Insert three (3) images of clothing (costumes) you would envision on three (3) different characters from the story – one “look” for three different characters. Remember to be consistent in your overall look — these characters must be living in the same world of the story. Paragraph 4 COSTUMES: Write 200 words explaining the overall costume “look” for the play and each of the three characters you chose. Why that look for that character? The look must be related to the character. What are you wanting the audience to know about that character? Identify the characters’ names and their “look” so I can easily match character to look. Insert a sound link: Insert a link to a sound or piece of music that represents the play’s concept to you. Paragraph 5 SOUND/MUSIC: Write 200 words about how the sound or music expresses the play’s concept — which in turn explores the play’s theme. Again, what is the mood or atmosphere or feeling is created by the sound/music. Also, the sound/music does not have to be literal to the concept but illustrate the essence of the concept. Identify the name of the sound/music and the composer. Paragraph 6 CONCLUSION: Write a 200 word concluding paragraph summarizing the overall look and sound of the story through your chosen concept. Explain how the scenic, costumes and sound advance the theme (through mood, atmosphere and/or feeling) of the play in a unified way. Don’t just repeat what you’ve already said in the previous paragraphs of the assignment. Think you’re presenting this to the play’s producer — why should this play be produced? FORMATTING Upload your mini-project as a Word Doc or PDF. Double space your essay. Include your name, date, and class (TA 300) on the first page. Give your play a title.  Always put the title in italics or quotation marks. The total word count should be around 1200 word Include a word count at the end of your assignment. Proof your assignment for grammar, spelling, punctuation and clarity. Have someone you trust read it before uploading. REMEMBER: A play’s theme(s) inspires the director’s concept which is illuminated by the design elements.

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