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Curriculum and Design Develop a concept-based curriculum unit including the elements listed below. It is the expectation that you will develop a new unit using this process. The concept-based unit will follow the unit design template of Dr. Jay McTighe’s Understanding by Design format and will include the elements listed below. • A Unit Title (3-4 weeks) and Additional Information: Title should capture the essence of the topic and create excitement for the unit. Name of teacher, duration, subject and grade level are listed. • Unit Summary: Should give an overview of what the students will learn, why the learning is important and how students will demonstrate their learning. • Established Goals/Learning Standards: State standards must align with the selected grade level/content: Literacy standards must be included. • Essential Questions: Essential questions must align with the learning standards and go beyond a simple yes/no/factual answer. The purpose of essential questions is to extend learning to a conceptual level. The big ideas • Enduring Understandings: Must clearly focus on the big ideas of the unit. What the understanding the students should have as a result of this unit? These will align with the essential questions. • Knowledge: What are the factual topics that you want the students to know and be able to do? Included in this section is the suggested unit vocabulary. • Skills: What do you want the students to be able to do as a result of this unit? (Usually includes a verb). • Performance Assessment (Summative): Engages the students in an authentic learning project which aligns with the goals being assessed through the PA Prompt. • Scoring Rubric: Performance Assessment Criteria for the rubric aligns with the goals being assessed. Descriptors in each numerical category are well defined and differentiated from level to level. • Lesson Plans: Lessons for a minimum of threes weeks will describe what will happen daily throughout the unit. The length of the class period should be included along with any other important information. • Technology: Include the use of technology for the 21st century learners. • Resources: Unit Resources should be listed in APA format. Resource ideas shared in class could be part of the resource list. Please embed 7 APA references from 2012 or newer.

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