Develop a 1-week early childhood (Prek-3rd Grade) literacy lesson plan.


Early Childhood Literacy Lesson Plan Final Project Guidelines This assignment will serve as the final project . You will pull together what you have learned in the course and develop a 1 week early childhood (Prek-3rd Grade) literacy lesson plan. Please review the expectations for this assignment below. Standards • Review your state’s early childhood literacy standards & Common Core State Standards (K-3) —-> select one set of standards, not both • Choose one or two standards to focus your lesson Objectives • What do you want the children to learn (not what do you want to teach)? • What will the children be able to do as a result of the lesson? • Align your objectives to the standards you selected • Remember, you must be able to evaluate (assessments) whether or not your students have met the objectives. • 1-2 objectives is fine Materials • List all of the materials necessary for the lesson • Books and media sources must have citations (use APA for this assignment) Introduction (also known as the Anticipatory Set) • Connect to previous knowledge • Motivate children to participate • Hands-on • Multi-sensory Procedures • Main portion of your lesson • Step-by-step instructions for what your teacher and students will do during the lesson • Be sure your procedures and objectives align • Consider classroom management (whole group, small group, centers, transitions, seating) Guided or Independent Practice • How do your students apply or practice what they have just learned? • Independent work, seatwork, centers (descriptions/samples required) Check for Understanding • How will you know your objectives have been met? • Reword your objectives as questions • Provide methods of assessment Please review the provided sample lesson plan for an idea of what is expected. Formatting • Times New Roman or Arial font, size 12 • Submitted as a WORD document • Your name and course number must be placed in the top right-hand corner, along with the date of submission • Be mindful of grammar and mechanics • Books and other resources used must be cited in-text in APA format ( This assignment will be submitted on the learning management system (LMS) as well as uploaded to your digital e-portfolio. For more information on how to create or upload documents to your digital portfolio, please view the “how-to” clips on the main page of the course website. Please note that you may not submit a lesson plan that you have submitted in a prior course or that you have downloaded from the Internet. You will receive a failing grade for this assignment if this occurs. You must submit an original lesson plan for this capstone assignment.

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