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You will be assigned a short video to view and describe (see below). You should demonstrate your understanding of the terminology that was introduced in the dance unit. The video that is assigned to you will affect which terms are relevant of course. However, your description should at a minimum address time, space, energy, and choreography. Some areas may merit more depth in your description than others. While you are encouraged to collaborate with other students to analyze the choreography, the writing you submit must be original and your own. Your description should be specific. It is often a good idea to reference time points in the assigned video to clarify what movements you are describing. This sentence is a hypothetical example: “At 5:23 in the video there is a change in tempo from andante to presto where the energy of the circular arm movements are done with more force.” Each time you use a vocabulary term from the dance lecture videos, put it bold type so that it is easily identifiable like in the example above. In some cases, especially with narrative choreography, it may be necessary to research the content of the dance in order to describe what is going on adequately. It is a good idea to go into more depth and detail on subjects relating to aspects of choreography, and space. (Parts one and four) But be sure to comment of aspects of time and energy as well. Essays that score well will make frequent use of the specific terms for describing dance covered in the video lectures. Remember, your writing must demonstrate understanding of the terms, not merely make use of them. Also you must write in response to the specific video that you were assigned, not a similar work of the same title. Be sure to use the video links posted on Canvas.

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