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How are the following courses from my course work related to the below mentioned Job description, Need a detailed explanation with supporting statements associating the courses listed with the Job descriptions mentioned. Highlight the key points which support the association.

Step 1 :

Courses :

Java and internet application (100 words)

Software Quality Assurance and test Automation (100 words)

Software project management (100 words)

Advanced Structure programming and algorithm ((100 words))


Job Role : UX Design and UI Developer.

Job Description :

Analyze user requirements and convert requirements to UI mock ups to resolve complex technical design issues. Identifying areas for modification in existing programs and subsequently developing these modifications


Design, develop and implement software applications for to support business requirements using technologies like Angular, React Js, Html, CSS, JavaScript, Typescript, Invision tool, Sketch and Java. Implement client-side interface by writing efficient code and develop quality assurance procedures to make sure the code is bug free and runs efficiently.


Test, maintain and recommend software improvements to ensure strong functionality and optimization. Debug and test browser compatibility using debugger tools to support multiple browsers.

Step 2 :

Courses :

Application Security (100 words)

Cryptography (100 words)

Access Control (100 words)

Job Role : UX Design and UI Developer

Job Description :

Static code analysis. Fixing security issue report by security tester. Responsible for addressing security vulnerabilities reporting in rest API

  • Code review find security vulnerabilities
  • I look for security vulnerabilities before code development
  • We do scan for a wide range of other problems, including coding standard violations, unused code, performance problems, and error-prone code.
  • Often able to scan multiple languages and frameworks.
  • Difficulty detecting hard to find vulnerabilities, such as access control errors and misconfigurations. It’s common for aspects of an application to be configuration-based.
  • I am responsible for all security vulnerabilities across the all the JavaScript, Html.
  • I am responsible for Penetration testing to identify the possible application data breaches. In a truly agile development environment with frequent releases, continuous testing is a necessity.
  • We believe the combination of approaches maximizes our chances of finding vulnerabilities.
  • Designing the secured authentication procedures for the applications I develop which interact with the external systems using REST API calls.
  • Implementing OAuth and certificate based authentication procedures for data exchange and integration maintaining industry standards.
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