Essay Topic: Discuss CBT and its application to the following hypothetical case Patient S (Sam or Sara, whichever you prefer) is a 20 year old student that has been referred to the Psychological Service Centre at the U of M for CBT, where they will see a graduate student in training as a clinical psychologist. S has several concerns. They often feel very anxious and worried, especially before exams, for which they feel a lot of pressure and and intrusive thoughts about failing. They have had some difficulties in personal romantic relationships, and this often interferes with their studies. At times they feel waves of sadness, during which times it is hard to get started on their work. Develop a case study describing the CBT treatment for S. Make sure that you consider the conceptual basis of CBT, its goals and methods, and describe how the CBT therapist would approach this case. General guidelines for assignment and exam preparation: Assignments are to be typewritten and submitted in the online drop box. Your essay should be approximately 4-5 pages (about 1,600 words); essays significantly exceeding 1800 words (not including title and reference list) may be penalized for lack of good writing (conciseness, focus on topic). Your primary source is the casebook, textbook, and online course material. Outside sources of information are not required (but can be used if fully referenced). The answer should be in your own words. Organization, spelling and grammar will be considered when a mark is being assigned. References for specifically cited sources should use APA format

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