Discuss which four themes you the mort and why?

Under the link “Discussion Board,” the instructor has posted six topies or questions and everyone is expected t0 reflect on these socio-economic and political issues which continue to consume Chinese imagination and energy in the 21st century. This is our first topic discussion. Please reflect on China’s past and post your responses without being redundant or repetitious of ideas presented” either by Moise or your peers. Your comments should consist of a long paragraph (between fifteen to eighteen complex:
without errors.

In Chapter 1; Moise identifies several themes that tended to recur during the long history of China, Discuss which four themes you the mort and why? Before you start writing your comments, please take look a he link below that contains a visual repress
fa wealthy businessman’s house in the 1800s; the acts l house can be visited at the Peabody Essex Museum at Salem, MA. This should give some idea on the different lifestyles that existed between the wealthy and the peesantry. Yin Yu Tang House Peabody Esser Muesum virtual tour

htip:l/www.pem org/sitea’yinvutang/indes bum!

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