Discussion 7


You have been requested to select one peer reviewer of your choice for this discussion. Please complete the following:  Ask a colleague, co worker, friend, family member, aka someone that you know to provide you feedback on your essay. This should be done the first part of the week.   You will need to start a forum for this response, thinking of the following: 1. A thread or response to the feedback that you received from your friend, coworker, or other, detailing the suggestions and comments that you received. Make sure that you cover the following: 1. how these were useful; 2. what changes did they suggest; 3. and how you plan on incorporating their feedback.  Ask questions, get clarification, or, if you’re concerned about a particular area of your paper that they did not address, ask them for their thoughts on that.  You need a minimum of 1 post (one from your selected reviewer for the entire discussion. Remember that since this paper results in completing the final writing assignment or not, so be cognizant of the feedback that you are giving and be as thorough as possible. There is additional time to complete these peer review this week, so take advantage of this.

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