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Disseminating Program Evaluation Results and Advancement of the Profession

Last week marked the conclusion of program planning and evaluation efforts that included extensive attention to problem analysis; use of theory; needs assessment; goals and objectives; design of program elements; business planning, budgeting, and financial analysis; and components of evaluation.

As a nurse engaged in advance practice, it is essential to be able to formally disseminate the results of your work and to communicate appropriately and effectively with your audience. As you think about opportunities for disseminating the results of your program design and evaluation, spend some time considering who would most benefit from hearing about your endeavor.

During this final week of the course, you engage in a Discussion with your colleagues about how your experiences in this course have added to your professional growth and development and may help you to contribute to the field in the future.

Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • Assess an evaluation plan for a program or intervention
  • Assess means of reporting program design and evaluation findings appropriate for a specific audience
  • Evaluate the overall practicum experience including the achievement of learning objectives
  • Appraise professional development or insights that may foster contributions to the field

Learning Resources

Required Readings

Abualula, N., Jacobsen, K., Milligan, R., Rodan, M., & Conn, V. (2016). Evaluating diabetes educational interventions with a skill development component in adolescents with type 1 diabetes: A systematic review focusing on quality of life. Diabetes Nurse Educator, 42(5), 515–527.

Reynolds, N., Satyanarayana, V., Duggal, M., Varghese, M., Liberti, L., Singh, P., Ranganathan, M., Jeon, S., & Chandra, P. (2016). The citation is missing the article title. MAHILA: a protocol for evaluating a nurse-delivered mHealth intervention for women with HIV and psychosocial risk factors in India. BMC Health Services Research, 16,352 doi 10.1186/s12913-016-1605-1

Reeves, M., Terranova, C., Erickson, J., Job, J., Brookes, D., McCarthy, N., Hickman, I., Lawler, S., Fjeldsoe, B., Healy, G., Winkler, E., Janda, M., Veerman, L., Ware, R., Prins, J., Vos, T., Demark-Wajnefried, W., & Eakin, E. (2016). Living well after breast cancer randomized controlled trial protocol: evaluating a telephone-delivered weight loss intervention versus usual care in women following treatment for breast cancer. BMC Cancer, 16, 830.

Optional Resources

Ekebergh, M. (2007). Lifeworld-based reflection and learning: A contribution to the reflective practice in nursing and nursing education. Reflective Practice, 8(3), 331–343.

Discussion 1: Disseminating Results

Take a minute to think about the health-promotion and disease-prevention issue you chose to focus on at the outset of this course. Now bring to mind the problem and target population you identified. The program design and evaluation planning you have engaged in throughout this course have served an important purpose—not only of furthering your own knowledge and expertise, but of contributing toward an understanding of these significant topics and furthering collective progress toward important goals.

As a DNP-prepared nurse, you have an ethical and professional obligation to disseminate findings. This Discussion seeks to facilitate your professional growth by asking you to assess and reflect on the success of your program design, the challenges you have encountered, and the ethical considerations that may warrant additional attention.

To prepare:

  • How has your understanding of the national health-promotion and disease-prevention issue and your selected problem and target population developed over the past several weeks? How has your perception changed, if at all?
  • Critically evaluate the pros and cons of the program you have designed. Based on what you have learned in this course, as well as your professional experiences, do you think your program would address the problem for the target population? Would the benefits outweigh the costs?
  • Examine the ethical implications of the program you have designed. What questions, concerns, and/or insights do you have?
  • As a nurse engaged in advance practice, which venues would be viable for disseminating the results of your program design and evaluation? What audience would be most interested in these findings? Identify at least one professional journal to which you could publish the results of your program design and evaluation, as well as at least one other venue for disseminating results.

By Day 3

Post a cohesive scholarly response that addresses the following:

  • Assess your program design and evaluation, including the ethical implications of the program you have developed.
  • Identify at least one professional journal in which you could publish the results of your program design and evaluation, and describe at least one other venue that could provide a valuable forum for disseminating results.

Discussion 2: Advancement of the Profession

Throughout this course, you have been engaged in multiple intensive learning experiences: program design and evaluation assignments, a Practicum Experience. Although each of these endeavors is distinct, it can be beneficial to reflect on themes that emerge while participating in each one. What insights have you gained as a result of these experiences?

As this course comes to a close, consider how what you have learned will help you move forward in the DNP program, as well as how it will allow you to contribute to your profession in the future.

To prepare:

  • How has your professional knowledge and expertise developed since the beginning of this course? Support your response with specific references to the AACN Essentials and/or your specialty competencies.
  • How do you believe your experiences in this course will enable you to move forward as a contributor and leader within the profession of nursing?

By Day 4

Post a cohesive scholarly response that addresses the following:

  • Discuss two or more significant areas of growth, insight, or inquiry related to your anticipated professional contribution and/or leadership.
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