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Anna Ditosto posted Aug 1, 2020 3:17 PM
There are an array of things that can affect a hospital internally and externally. A lot of these things can come from issues that are being talked about among patients. I think that hiring a marketer and/or website developer could help the organization become more aware of those issues in order to get ahead of them. Since there is a push to get technology to the forefront of healthcare, it is important to see what the patients and staff are saying about the technology in use. This new marketer would be a part of the quality team. The marketer would be able to address concerns he/she may have found within the marketing data or he/she would be able to address concerns to staff or patients with different marketing strategies. Above all else, I think that a marketer would be a great asset to a quality team because they would be able to address issues by addressing the resolution with marketing techniques.
One major reason I do not think it is beneficial to expand the quality team is because there are always a good variety of people on a quality team. Quality teams are compiled of different individuals throughout the organization that provide input from each department. This ensures that all departments are accounted for when making decisions that increase quality. These decisions may cause more harm than good for other departments even though it may increase quality in another. That is way it is important for the messages about an organization be spread effectively through a marketer

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