Discussion Board Question: Theology and religion study

Please write a concise and well-organized response (between 500 and 600 words). You should i) base your argument on examples from the primary sources and lectures; ii) demonstrate knowledge of the basic historical narrative supplied by the lectures and textbook; iii) display critical thinking by developing a logical argument and articulating a well-supported position; and iv) use standard English grammar and punctuation.

Discussion Board Question is:

A spirit of reform drove many of the defining movements of the High Middle Ages, including the Crusades, mendicant groups such as the Franciscans and Dominicans, the Church State investiture controversy, and the Cathars and Waldenses. Explain what shaped that spirit of reform and how it manifested in at least two of the movements listed here. Do you see any sort of reforming spirit in the Catholic Church today, or in society more generally?

((See the zip folder files attached to get the answers also I have listed the books and reference for you in case you need them.))

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