Discussion: Classroom Discourse

Discussion: Classroom Discourse,
Classroom discourse refers to the communication that occurs between students and teachers in a classroom setting. It occurs mostly through spoken conversation, so to study classroom discourse is to study the processes involved in face-to-face teaching.

Main Response
For this discussion, begin by reading and completing the “What is the Best Classroom Discourse” section in the Wilhelm text on pages 30-35, and reading pages 35-40. Then develop a main response in which you:

Describe how you ranked the four short transcripts from the seventh grade classes.
Indicate why you ranked the discussions as you did.
Compare and contrast this class to Wilhelm’s data.
Discuss ways you can resist becoming a teacher who uses what Nystrand (1997) calls the “recitation” or “monologic” form of discussion.

Replies will be sent about 24 hours after the assignment is due. This is shorter than the normal ones. Just 2 Replies for this one and the main post just around 2-3 paragraphs.


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