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* Due on Friday, June 19 — Reply to two peers discussion

I will attach 2 pics of 2 students discussion after you have read peers’ posts, write a thoughtful reply in 100 words or more, please write number 1 or 2 so I can know for who to post


* Due on Friday, June 19 — Chapter 9 discussion

A few major theories of emotion have been influential in describing the purpose of emotion:

  • the James-Lange theory,
  • the Cannon-Bard theory,
  • the Schacter-Singer theory,
  • and Lazarus’ cognitive appraisal theory.

Choose an event which might trigger an emotion. Use your own original example rather than one from the text or lecture notes. Briefly describe the relationship between event and emotion in each of the four theories. Describe some evidence in support of the theory and some evidence against it. (200 words)

Let me know if you need chapter 9 summary of concepts


* Due on Wednesday, June 24 — Chapter 11 discussion

In this chapter learned various theories of personality, some which provide theories as of how our personalities develop as well as some that focus on identifying characteristics of our personalities to see if in knowing one’s personality we can predict their behavior.

Choose one of the theories of personality discussed in this chapter: Freud’s psychoanalytic theory, one of the Neo-Freudian theories (e.g. Erickson, Horney, Adler, Jung), one of the Humanistic theories (e.g. Maslow, Rogers), Behavioral theory (e.g. Skinner), one of the Social-Cognitive theories (e.g. Rotter, Bandura), or Trait theory (e.g. the Big 5 Model). Using your chosen theory discuss your own personality within the context of that theory. Describe your personality and how that chosen theory would explain it. Provide sufficient examples and details to demonstrate your understanding of the chosen personality theory. (200 words)

I will attach chapter 11 summary of concepts


* Due on Friday, June 26 — Chapter 12 discussion

Think of someone you know who you consider either very successful or unsuccessful at managing stress. Without identifying the person, briefly describe: (200 words)

  • What kind of stressors, life events, and daily hassles do they experience?
  • What kind of uplifts do they experience?
  • What kind of personality characteristics does the person seem to have which impact their stress?
  • What type of coping do they do?
  • What are some specific stress reducing tools the person seems to be lacking or practicing?
  • How do their appraisals seem to affect their stress?
  • Finally, what kind of impact does stress seem to be having on their health, if any?

let me know if you need chapter 12 summary of concepts


* Due on Wednesday , July 1 — Chapter 13 discussion

Think of a fictional character from a book, television show, or movie that you think could be diagnosed with one of the psychological disorders talked about in chapter 13. Identify the character, the likely disorder, and the specific symptoms the character demonstrated which led you to think of that diagnosis. (200 words)

I will attach chapter 13 summary of concepts


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