Discussion Questions 7


Chapter 13.1: A successful denial of service attack requires the downloading of software that turns unprotected computers into zombies under the control of the malicious hacker. Should the owners of the zombie computers be fined or otherwise punished as a means of encouraging people to better safeguard their computers? Why or why not? Chapter 13.3: Some IT security personnel believe that their organizations should employ former computer criminals who no claim to be white had hackers to identify weaknesses in their organizations’ security defenses. Do you agree? Why or why not? Chapter 13.5: Hundreds of bank’s customers have called the customer service call center to complain that they are receiving text messages on their phone telling them to log on to a Web site and enter personal information to resolve an issue with their account. What action should the bank take? Chapter 13.7: What is the difference between a risk assessment and an IT security audit? ***Please add the question in bold in the paper with the answers underneath***

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