Discussion Responses A, B, C, & D


PLEASE PUT REFERENCES IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER UNDER EACH SECTION (A, B, C, & D) AND YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WRITE AS IF THIS IS A PAPER. It is a simple discussion response in FIRST PERSON (ex. I agree with you….et.) …..Thank you!!!! NOTE: Please use APA 7th ed. for referencing and in-text citations please!! (NO .com references! Only scholarly and peer-reviewed!!!) If you do not have a completed reference (where you retrieved it from if no doi…..), I will cancel the order!! NOTE: 2 references for A, B, C, & D with a minimum of 275 words each; USE SEVERAL IN-TEXT CITATIONS!! Please respond TO EACH RESPONSE BELOW in reference to n Chapter 8 of the Integrity textbook Cloud (2009) stated: “Character that sees itself is usually able to self-correct.” Describe how this concept is related to an individual’s growth, and how you as educators/leaders can develop this positive trait in yourselves. How can you help individuals working in your organization develop a better understanding of the self-correction process? A)  “Cloud (2006/2009) identifies that successful leaders actively seek the truth in order to find reality. Rather than assuming one has all the facts about a situation, an integrated character begins to seek the truth by looking at the external world to find what they do not know, and learn from it (Cloud, 2006/2009). They also seek the truth about themselves by requesting feedback from others. ” B) “Dr. Cloud (2009) writes “the more we know about ourselves, the stronger our position.”  Knowing oneself begins with taking an honest look in the mirror and not being afraid of what we see.  Successful leaders see reality as their best ally, so finding it becomes of utmost importance (Cloud, 2009).” C) “Instructors receive feedback from students, which provides a different picture of themselves via a student’s perceptions and their experiences in the classroom. Even though the assessment is not always valid or reliable, it is essential. Another feedback route is what we say to ourselves about ourselves. We all have the tools to monitor our behaviors, attitudes, feelings, choices, values, and desires (Cloud, 2016). The ones who can be honest and real with themselves and make a conscious decision to change are those who leave the biggest and best wakes (Cloud, 2016).” D) “As a leader and educator, it is important to make one’s practice of self-correction visible and transparent. Students nor employees will never know that you make mistakes and are working on yourself if they don’t see it. Self-correction is not just an ‘I’ll take your word for it.’ Self-correction requires reflection and being uncomfortable sometimes. It is human nature to be resistant to change and to have an aversion to being told we are wrong. “

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