Dissemination of Evidence Part 1


Selected reference article for project is attached Directions: This is part one of a three-part assignment. In this assignment, you will complete Dissemination of Evidence Part 1. In this assignment, you will begin the literature search process on your identified topic. This work is foundational to developing the next two parts of the Dissemination of Evidence Paper due later in this course. Topic Selection: Identify a practice related nurse-driven topic that you would like to focus on for the rest of this course. Use the PICO components to develop a clinical question relating to the nurse-driven topic. Make a list of useful keywords to start your literature search and continue to refine your keyword selection as you find scholarly journal articles. Consider synonyms or key concepts related to your topic of interest. Finalize the selection of your topic and clinical question using the PICO components based on the evidence you find. This can be a working process and you may have to revise your topic as you read relevant articles and apply instructor feedback. Be creative in formulating the title of your paper. Literature Search: Conduct a literature search on your topic/clinical question using the Galen library database to include the following: Select 3 scholarly articles from peer-reviewed journals dated within the past five years and consider the levels of evidence as you select your articles. The following types of scholarly articles from peer-reviewed journals are acceptable for this assignment: Meta-Analysis Systematic Review Randomized Control Trial Primary/Original Research or Study Quality Improvement Project Evidence-Based Practice Project Literature or Integrative Review The 3 scholarly articles will be the only sources used for this assignment and will be used in all parts of the Dissemination of Evidence Paper. Article replacements may occur based on instructor feedback. Integrate the 3 articles throughout your paper. Use one direct quote (less than 40 words) and multiple paraphrases as supportive evidence throughout the paper with in-text citations and matching references formatted in APA style. Save the full text (PDF) of the 3 articles to your computer. Contact the Galen librarian for additional support with access to full text (PDF) articles. To contact the librarian, please place a support ticket using the following link: https://onlinesupport.galencollege.edu/Links to an external site. Paper: Write a 1 to 2-page APA formatted paper (excluding the title and reference pages) using the third-person point of view to include the following: Introduction (1 to 2 paragraphs): Use the selected articles as sources to: Identify and introduce a nurse-related topic of interest. Describe your interest in the topic. PICO Components and Clinical Question (1 paragraph): Discuss the following PICO components and state your clinical question: Problem Intervention Comparison (if applicable) Outcome Clinical Question The Literature Search Process (1 paragraph): What databases or search engines did you use? What keywords and limiters were set in place and what was the number of hits received? How many articles were initially reviewed before you chose the three appropriate for the topic? Submission: Adhere to page limit and utilize available resources as needed including Grammarly, Academic Writer and Smarthinking Tutoring Services. Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word document. Submit your assignment to the Turnitin Dropbox to review your Turnitin report and score. Edit your paper per the Turnitin Guidelines and resubmit as needed to the Turnitin Dropbox. Upload the revised version of your paper to the Assignment Dropbox for grading. Upload the 3 scholarly peer-reviewed articles used to complete this assignment in full text (PDF) to the Dropbox for grading.

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