Do you think historical research is important?


Reflect on the content assigned for Week #1 using the below questions as a guide, at a minimum:

Do you think historical research is important? Why or Why not?
What do you think is some of the most interesting content of this section?
How important was the edict of Frederick, II (c. 1240)?
What is the significance of the practice of pharmacy in the Middle East at this time?
Locate additional resources for the content of Week #1. Describe what you found.
What other relevant questions would you ask about this content?

Sources to be used
Prehistoric and Ancient Times KU – pages 3-22
Arabs and the European Middle Ages KU – pages 23 to 28
Separation of Pharmacy from Medicine KU – pages 29 to 36

Why learn history?
KU – pages v to vii
KU – Appendix 5
Reflection should be two pages long

Questions, power point from class and a few links that are going to be helpful to get this paper done.

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