Dynamic Devices and Comparative Competitive Efforts Assignments | Online Assignment Services

1- How did you adapt (change) your strategy when you received unexpected results?

  • Look at competitors to see what they are doing. Closely follow their previous year strategy, and make adjustments from there.
  • 2- How would you describe your strategy at the end of the simulation?
    • Best cost (focused on building market share in Europe and North America. )
    • Online market focus
  • 3- What kind of tactics did you use in competing during the simulation?

    • Research competitor’s strategies (primary focus on A and C company)
    • Reduce shipping and production costs (explain stats based on (compensation and facilities & Assembly and Facility Operations)
    • Ended up being closer competitively to G and F (look at comparative comparison charts to expand on why)

i uploaded a file has some information about the company and also has my partners work so you can match.

let me know if you question and dont bid if you cant do it, thanks


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