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The Rise of India (Indian pro-market reforms starting in 1991 and resulting economic growth).

Teories will allow for drops of 1 letter grade or more, depending on how it affects overall quality. After the letter grade is assigned, spelling and grammar will be considered. Spelling and grammar may cause larger drops in the letter grade should they affect a student’s ability to communicate on a basic level.
The paper should be 3-5 pages, double-spaced and written using one of the 3 main American styles
(APA, MLA, or Chicago). Be sure to spell-check and proofread. The paper should have an introduction
in which your thesis statement is laid out and the main arguments are summarized. The body
then should make those main arguments in more detail.
• The St. Louis Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank (US and InternationalMacro Data):
• TheWorld Bank -World Development Indicators:
• The InternationalMonetary Fund (IMF):
• The National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER):
• The United Nations Comtrade Database
• The PennWorld Tables
• TheMaddison Historical Statistics

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