Education Plan on Trafficked Victims


Nursing Educator Scenario As the nurse educator (NE) providing training to the county health care providers (physicians, APRNs, RNs, LPNs, health aids, teachers, social workers, and other ancillary staff), you are charged by the Chief Nursing Officer to develop a lesson plan that would provide the necessary knowledge for these individuals to function in their role of screening, assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and referral of these trafficked victims. As the NE, you must be aware of the needs of the health care personnel and difficulties in addressing this sensitive topic. Utilizing the ASSURE model, you will formulate the plan to be role-specific, evidenced-based, and to address the collaboration of the team in meeting the mission of the clinic. A formal process should be created to ensure that information is shared among the team and with external entities. An evaluation plan must be included to ensure that the team is functioning and that client outcomes are being appropriately addressed

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